January’s New Year’s Resolution – Good Posture

Good posture is my first New Year’s Resolution.

Slworking editphoto © 2009 Eric Schmuttenmaer | more info (via: Wylio)
In case you missed my introductory post, every month of 2011, I plan to pick a poor habit of mine and replace it with a better one.

I’ve been a lifelong sloucher. I was never told to stand up straight as a child, so guess what? I never did. It’s time to change that.

Good posture involves lining up the ears with the shoulders, with the hips. My plan to get this fabled good posture is to check myself out in the bathroom mirror every time I go in there and correct my posture. Consciously standing up straight several times a day should (hopefully) help it become a habit.

I’ll check in later in the month and let you know how I go, but meantime, if you have any tips on how to improve posture, I would love to hear them in the comments!

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