Old Fashioned Recipes You Shouldn’t Use – Questionable Advice for How To Make Jam

Old fashioned recipes aren’t always the best! A friend of mine, knowing I’m on a preserving kick, lent me this book:

Old Fashioned Recipes for PreservesI don’t want to pick on Alison Burt, or the book, because I really enjoyed reading it. However, I think some of the advice is outdated. As I covered in my How to Make Jam post, anything published before about 1990 should be treated as a little suspect – you should get a second opinion, otherwise you risk getting food-borne diseases, such as botulism.

I’m very keen to make Apple Jam, which I’ve never heard of before. But because apples are a low-acid fruit, you betcha I’m going to check out what the USDA says on the matter before I get out my Lovely Jam Making Pot.

But back to Pickles and Preserves! I want to share some pictures with you all:

Home Made MarmaladeYou know I love making marmalade. But my friends and relations would have me institutionalised if I made four different types of marmalade. Maybe people actually ate marmalade in 1975?

Home Made JamsIf I had a sweet cabinet like that, I’d only display my little ceramic civil war figures, good china, and poesy of pink and purple daisies – preserves out to be kept in the dark, or you’ll get oxidisation. But look at all the different types! I wish I’d been around in 1975 – it was obviously a happening place, where no slice of toast went unadorned with preserves of all types.

Home Made Strawberry Jam…Like Strawberry Jam. Is it just me, or does this picture make you feel a little bit ill? There’s something visceral about it – and red never translates well into black and white. Ugh.

Home Made ChutneyThis is totally how I store my preserves: artfully arranged in a rustic setting, surrounded by fresh produce. Yes indeedy.

What old fashioned recipes do you use? Let me know in the comments!

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