Making Jam – More Fun With Friends!

Making jam is more fun with friends! I recently spent an evening with a close friend of mine, brewing up some delicious jam.

Homemade Jam For GiftsA ‘preserves party’ sounds contrived, but it came about naturally – I said I planned to make marmalade, and would she like a jar?

She said, yes please, and she wished she had the courage and the know-how to make preserves.

I said, I could show her sometime, if she wanted…

Jam Jars - Homemade Berry Jam

And that was that. I popped round with the fixin’s for two types of preserves, plus my favourite wooden spoon, apron, jars, lids, and my Big Jam Pot. (My poor friend doesn’t have a lovely jam pot like I do: it was a gift from an Auntie who was upgrading to a mythical Better Pot. I can’t imagine a Better Pot than my Big Jam Pot! I advised my friend that she search out one second hand – a Good Pot can cost a fortune new – whatever the price, it’d be worth any penny.)

We spent a lovely evening chatting and stirring. I imparted all the wisdom I could manage, everything was less work and more fun with two, and we made an awful lot of jam. Oh yes. I think I’ve made enough for all my homemade jam gifts in a jar this Christmas. We made Mulled Wine Jelly which is beautifully transparent, and my famous berry jam. Yum!

Wine Jelly - Homemade Gifts in a Jar

Next week we’re planning a chutney party. I hope I’ve inspired you to make jam with a friend!

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I like to talk craft on the internet.
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