Jar Toppers for Homemade Gifts in a Jar – Mini Tutorial

Jar Toppers can really top off a homemade gift in a jar (pun totally intended). I’ve been thinking on how to really show off this year’s batch of Christmas baking – while keeping my hard work fresh ‘n tasty.

Last year I presented baking in plastic bags – the thick, flat, transparent sort. It looked great, but wasn’t very environmentally friendly, and because the bags weren’t airtight, they couldn’t live under the tree. Bags and bags of baking filled my biggest airtight tin – right at the time of year I needed it most!

Jars seem like the perfect answer. Plus, they turn simple baking into beautiful and stylish gifts in a jar – and the jar itself becomes part of the gift. Everybody wins! And how do you dress up a jar? With blackboard paint, obviously.

Jar Toppers For Homemade Gifts In A Jar

The only thing lacking is the baking.

Mini craft tutorial after the jump…

Jar Toppers for Homemade Gifts in a Jar – Mini Tutorial

I’m calling this a mini tutorial, because I’m going to lay it out a little more loosely than other tutorials on this site – because there’s not really a huge amount to say!

This is what I started with: six months worth of jars.

Jars For Gifts In A Jar

The lids look kind of pretty in that pic, but in real life they look less festive and more like “we like curry sauces”. Hmmm, festive.

First, I took some fine sandpaper to the lids, and gave them a gentle scratching to help the paint stick.

Jar Toppers

Next, I coated the lids in two layers of blackboard paint. I was going to take a photo of this, but let’s face it, we all have better things to do than watch paint dry.

Then I ‘seasoned’ the lids by rubbing them over with a stick of chalk and rubbing all the chalk off again. This gave them a much softer look.

And finally, I tried to write legibly on the lids.

Jar Lids Gifts In A Jar

Pretty! But… The collars of some of the jars are still emblazoned with the curry sauce brand. When it comes time to fill the jars, I might cover them with a big, festive ribbon (glued down so it can’t possibly slip). For now, I snipped out the centre of a paper doily (of course) and tried that on for size.

Homemade Gift In A Jar


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