More Christmas Cross Stitch + Free Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern

Christmas cross stitch is a lovely idea, but I haven’t done very well at it so far this year. But at the store the other day, I spotted these sweet little wooden embroidery hoops.


It must be the Christmas spirit, because the shape reminded me of something… a Christmas bauble. Do you see it?

How about now?

Free Christmas Cross Stitch Design

Cute, yes? I think these would make sweet homemade Christmas gifts. You could easily personalise them too, with the recipient’s name and the date. They’d look great on a Christmas tree, maybe finished with Christmas themed fabric on the back. I think it shows that homemade doesn’t mean tacky or horrible (though of course you may respectfully disagree with me!).

This wasn’t a terribly quick project – it took me a whole evening – but a more accomplished stitcher could probably turn them out a whole lot faster. I also free handed a lot of the pattern, which slowed me down. And it shows in the results too.

Christmas Cross Stitch Design

So, somewhat dissatisfied with my attempt, I fired up KG-Chart. KG-Chart is a free, open source program which lets you design your own cross stitch patterns. It also lets you save your pattern as images, which is how I can share this free Christmas cross stitch pattern with you:

Free Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern

I’ve just used one colour for the pattern, so you can use whatever colours you like (hey, I’m not here to judge you – I’m just trying to give you a free Christmas cross stitch pattern). You’ll notice that this pattern is a little prettier than mine. That’s the problem with hindsight though.

Click on the picture for a larger version. If you do use this pattern, I’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment to get in touch.

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