Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Printable Christmas gift tags make wrapping that big pile of Christmas gifts so much easier! No more running to the store to pick up more, or improvising Christmas gift labels out of bits of cereal box – just print out another page. Easy. Done.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Labels

Every year, I make up a set of Christmas labels. Making Christmas tags yourself has some advantages – you can type your name and the recipient’s name right in and choose the paper you want to use. I’m no designer, but with a bit of patience, it’s easy enough to whip up very pretty Christmas gift tags yourself.

This year, I’ve made two designs: one with some clip art snowflake shapes, and one with just a simple Christmas message. There’s plenty of room to write the recipient’s name on the first gift tag, but the second one would have to be flipped over to add a name.

Free Printable Christmas Tags

You can download these Christmas gift tags, for free. They’re sized to for business card stock (you can buy pre-perforated business card stock at any stationery store – this project is designed with the Avery A4, C32094 Business Card template), but you can use any paper or card. You can even use sticky-backed label paper and just slap the gift tag right on the gift.

Free Printable Labels for Homemade Christmas Gifts

These Christmas gift tags are completely free for non-commercial use. I’ve uploaded two formats – .doc (Word), for if you want to personalise these gift labels, and pdf, for if you just want to print ’em.

Click here to download the Word file.

Click here to download the pdf file.

And if you do end up using these gift tags, I’d love it if you could let me know in the comments.

Update – check out more of my Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags here!

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