Bow Hair Clips – Plus Quick Craft Tutorial

Bow hair clips are about the cutest hair accessories around!

Update – check out my new tutorial here!

Bow Hair Clip - Handmade Hair Bow

I made this one from a woollen blanket sample. The pattern might not mean a lot to you if you’re ‘overseas’, but it’s a genuine piece of kiwiana. Woollen blankets can be horribly scratchy, but they’re delightfully nostalgic.

To make a bow hair clip like mine, start with a rectangle of fabric. Fold the long ends together, and whip them together with a running stitch. Fold the short ends to the centre, on top of the seam, and sew together. You should have all your sewing on one side. Turn your bow over and gather the centre with a narrow strip of fabric. Sew a hair clip on the back and you’re done!

Hair Bow Clip - Handmade Hair Accessories

I would recommend using a thinner fabric  than mine… My hair bow turned out huge!

Do have a crack at making your own bow hair clips. I think they’d make wonderful little Christmas presents. And easier than taking a picture of the back of your head. Guaranteed.

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5 Responses to Bow Hair Clips – Plus Quick Craft Tutorial

  1. Shannon Margaret Brott says:

    I would love to see the tutorial…where is it listed?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for the comment. The tutorial was meant to be that middle paragraph, but it’s obviously not very clear… So I’m going to whip up a photographic tutorial for you now and will try and post it today 🙂

      • Shannon Margaret Brott says:

        Okay can ya stick a D for Dork….LOL…I am so sorry…LOL….yes I am tired and not paying attention to what I am doing…..LOL….thats what ya get with a cranky 2 yr old girl and a sick 5 year old….Thanks!

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  3. Rachel says:

    Yikes! Sounds like your kids are keeping you busy! A pretty tutorial is posted for you now 🙂

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